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For 15+ years, LMP has been involving brands with their consumers and employers with their teams. We pride ourselves on being strong marketers first and foremost. We take the time to understand your brand, strategies and consumer. We take this informed focus and apply it to the real and virtual environments and experiences we create to achieve a fully leveraged interaction with your consumer using technology, lifestyle cues and of course – people.

We create branded experiences and influence behavior through the human senses, (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) and elicit a physical, emotional and memorable response.
We turn brands into memorable experiences.

Consumer Lifestyle + LMP Services = Client Business Needs and Objectives


Austin Eco-Ranch

LMP Inc. is excited to further develop this scintillating eco-tourism, event venue and retreat property […]

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LMP Inc. and its principals are engaged in all manner of commerce, community and cause […]

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Thought for the day. ......(Or having kids). Teach them their ambitions, education, hobbies, sports are priority. These things make them whole.
Thought for the day. You simply cant help people with a self limiting belief system. Find the like minds and build each other up.
#grateful for friends, family and the opportunities we have had and continue to see for our little company. We wish all an amazing Thanksgiving and holiday week!
This flag flies in Cold Water Canyon near our HQ in memory of Major Brent Taylor. We are a 50% Veteran owned and 50% Woman owned business and we stand for this flag on Veterans Day and every day. #veteransday #childrenoffallenpatriots
Ladies mark your calender, book a flight and get a room @compass_rose_lodge for the @sheshredsco Jamboree weekend
Super excited to help this young man again this year taking his creation to an immersive theatrical level. Join us at 2nd Annual NCM Spooktacular for Jackson Barbers Dark Nightmare play 4-7p this Saturday, Oct. 26 at Ogden Union Station
Its coming as a feature to the 2nd Annual NCM Spooktacular. FREE! Community event. Something for ALL ages at the event and the Dark Nightmare immersive theatrical experience created by 15 y.o. Jackson Barber. Enter......If you dare. Saturday 10/26 4-7p Ogden Union Station
We are excited to help this young man execute his “immersive theatrical production” as part of the 2nd Annual NCM Spooktacular 10/26 from 4-7p. Union Station-Ogden, UT #creativeservices #productioncompany #utah #brand #ogden #unionstation #theatrical #branding #events
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