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For three decades, LMP has been involving and immersing brands, organizations and idea makers with their audience through experiences. We pride ourselves on being strong marketers first and foremost. We take the time to understand your unique objectives, strategies and audience. This informed focus, applied to the real and virtual environments and experiences we create, enables us to achieve a fully leveraged interaction with your audience. We use tried and emerging technology, conventional production techniques, lifestyle/ media interest content and of course – people.

We create branded experiences and influence behavior through the human senses, (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) and elicit a physical, emotional and memorable response.
We turn brands into memorable experiences.

Consumer Lifestyle + LMP Services = Client Business Needs and Objectives


Austin Eco-Ranch

LMP Inc. is excited to further develop this scintillating eco-tourism, event venue and retreat property […]

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LMP Inc. and its principals are engaged in all manner of commerce, community and cause […]

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We learned most of it from him......As my feeds filled up and phone blew up last night with the news, I was surprised at my own emotional response that continues now. My life would have been a very different one, if one at all had I not been taken to the corner of School St. and Sheffield Ave. late in 1983 by my lifelong friend Bob Marrow. This place and the man that created it Dave Medusa inspired and opened doors in my mind and connected me to other lifelong friends and a juggernaut of other influences filled with music, art, fashion and mayhem. Daves vision and influence gave me the intention to pursue a unique path I still travel today. I will never forget the first time I met him in the early 80s and then being honored to work along side him years later on many a nightlife and lifestyle project. I am lucky to call him a friend. So many people you touched as a ground zero to their (our) life journey. The world is less interesting without you is an understatement. I said it a lot over the years but not enough. Thank you Dave, you made me/us some of the luckiest 80s kids on earth. RIP
I’m one of 12 million Americans who works in
the live events industry. Today we’re asking
United States Senator Mike Lee, Senator Mitt Romney and
Rep. Rep. Rob Bishop to include support for
hardworking people like us in the next
stimulus bill. Please show your support
at #WishIWasThereImage attachment
Thought for the day: YOU CANT HOPE FOR A BETTER PAST Not yesterday or 400 years ago. FORWARD is the only path worth taking. Late night HYPE at Crobar Chicago-Lunacy Wednesdays circa 98.
If 2020 were a load in..... What we would not give to be exhausted right now pushing cases 😞💀
A bright note! New hard date for the Indie Ogden awards. Excited to have a production role again for year 8 of this magnificent celebration of our amazing city down the mountain. The Monarch
The best way we can honor those that lost their lives in the protection of our freedom and liberties and democracy globally is to live our best possible lives and take care of each other. #rememberthefallen #Memorial day
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