is a partnership between grassroots event promoters, marketers, athletes, supportive brands and retailers, but most importantly participants and fans of action sports. Our mission is 1, 2, 3…

  1. Nurture a community where anyone can participate and share their action passion at any skill level, age, gender or adrenaline rush of choice, find out information on events, places to participate, where to get gear, but most of all push for progression and cross-pollination. No matter what kind of board you ride, bike, 4-wheeler, other contraption or if you like to jump from perfectly good airplanes, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!
  2. Provide event development, marketing, and logistical resources to support brands, retailers, promoters, athletes (pro and amateur) across the country and compile, organize and disseminate information on all action sports in water, snow, dirt, skate, etc. from any appropriate source.
  3. Directly produce and assist other entities in producing and marketing action sport and associated lifestyle events and tour stops.


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Is there even traction on that board??


The best way we can honor those that lost their lives in the protection of our freedom and liberties and democracy globally is to live our best possible lives and take care of each other. #rememberthefallen #Memorialday
Happy Armed Forces Day!
THANK YOU! All of you. So many friends, fam in first responder, HC, military,  transportation, energy, food supply chain, communication and other critical essential roles so the majority can stay home. I wish you all wellness and safety and I hope there is something extra at the end of this for you all. This has been a perspective changing experience to say the very least.
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We were stoked to host and produce the World Wakesurfing Championships for the second year in a row! The World converged once again on Pineview Reservoir in beautiful Ogden Valley to take home top global honors.  September 5-7, 2019