Austin Eco-Ranch

LMP Inc. is excited to further development of this scintillating eco-tourism, event venue and retreat property nestled in the foothills of Austin, TX launching in phases 2018/2019

World Wake Surfing Championships 2018

World Wake Surfing Championships 2018 “Stoked to be on the production team for the 2018 World Wake Surfing Championships with Centurion Boats, BoardCo and Club Rec going down at our HQ lake and for the first time ever in Utah the World of Wake Surfing will converge! From the core team that brings you the Rocky Mountain Wake Surf Open

Outdoor Weber

Excited to be on the steering committee for Outdoor Weber with $50k in prizes for top entrepreneurial submissions from across the country! Sponsored by Camping World with keynote and awards finale with Marcus Lemonis of “The Profit”

Nurture the Creative Mind 11th Anniversary

LMP INC. Principals Tony and Gina Duffy are honored to be the emcees for this year’s NCM 11th Anniversary Event! An amazing organization that empowers and establishes self value in youth through creativity, while developing marketable skills.

Untamed West Fest

A Music, Food, Drink & Culture Event

Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017 | 5 to 11 p.m.

In its inaugural year, the Untamed West Fest will feature Grammy winning National and International Talent along with the best the region has to offer in regional food, drink and culture. In the true spirit of Ogden and Northern Utah, we hope this event brings people together for years to come celebrating the communities untamed spirit as an end of summer, 100% good time! Look for talent announcements, beverage and food features along with other surprises and tickets going on sale soon!”

Coors Light / Maxim


For three seasons, Lightning Man Promotions Ltd. was selected by The Integer Group and Coors Brewing Company to Concept, Build and Execute the Coors Light Maxim Model Search Party Tour. 9+ Regional Finals, 1 National Final per season. The “Tours” as punctuation to localized promotions, OOH, Web based consumer interaction and other major media.

The Front-End Challenge: Take the Coors Light brand attributes, positioning and agency provided “flat” creative for this season’s promotion. 3 dimensionalize it and make it interactive all while keeping it key consumer relevant and fully leveraging the Maxim media relationship.

If you build it, they will come: Using cost effective modular pre fabricated structures with custom wraps, state of the art lighting and video (DL1/Catalyst core) and most importantly layers of brand educated professional interactive talent in unique and highly stylized wardrobe and roles, a complete brand immersion, consumer relevant environment was unloaded and set in 4 hours! Regardless of venue size or access.

Flawless Execution: From drafting the entry affidavits for contestants, Sweeps processes and rewards to managing the 100’s of contestants and sweeps participants LMP provided all logistics for the program seamlessly. This was including venue selection, negotiation, permits and legal compliance. LMP also provided Celebrity outreach delivering numerous professional athletes, TV and music personalities as guests and on stage contest judges. Additionally, LMP promotional strategies delivered grass roots key consumer relevant communication streams cultivating standing room only audiences for each event.

Results/Measurement: 3 years of program activation, 32 events to date. Over 40,000 key consumers attended. 75 consumers surveyed live at each event with brand CI questions for immediate read of emotional impact. Post event survey of approx. 200 to 300 key consumers surveyed via photo redemption website with similar battery of consumer intelligence questions to gauge retention 7 to 10 days post. Overall measure and feedback from both client and consumer read as excellent with optimized ROI.

On budget, on schedule, each year.

The Facts:
· LMP has scouted and cast over 1000 models, hostesses, dancers and contestants for the Coors Light Maxim Search Tours since 2004! This is in addition to the on point DJ’s and MC’s that have driven the 32 stage shows, coast to coast!

· LMP developed and published the original contest processes, rules and proprietary Applause-O-Meter technology unique to the Coors Light Maxim contest format originally deployed in 2004.

· LMP has designed over 150 unique renderings, tickets, flyers, posters, VIP treatments and scenic elements for the Coors Light Maxim Search Tours since 2004!

· LMP has flawlessly navigated alcohol beverage control laws and ordinances, fire safety and general event production best practices and the unique circumstances that exist state to state, city to city without incident or issue since 2004!

· LMP on behalf of Coors Light has entertained over 40,000 key consumers, key account representatives and CL partners since 2004! Summer 2017


LMP sports division, has been supporting a broad scope of marketing and experiential work ongoing for a female focused enterprise offering events, retail, cultural marketing, signature apparel for women and girls in action sports. In it’s fourth year of operation, the growth and momentum has been amazing! Find out more at and join us for ladies nights at Flowrider, UT Summer 2017 along with events throughout the World we support in Wake, Skate, Snow, MTB and beyond year round – Shred ON!

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