LMP Inc. and its principals are engaged in all manner of commerce, community and cause giving back and helping to build such programs as 1 Million Cups, contributing to Weber State Universities ongoing entrepreneurship programs and working closely with the Utah SBDC/SBA to fuel the amazing start up culture in their home office geography.



LMP / The Standard-Examiner

LMP has partnered with The Standard-Examiner www.standard.net in execution of the Untamed West Fest 2017.

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Summer 2017

LMP sports division, www.All-Actionsports.com has been supporting a broad scope of marketing and experiential work ongoing for www.sheshreds.co a female focused enterprise offering events, retail, cultural marketing, signature apparel for women and girls in action sports. In it’s fourth year of operation, the growth and momentum has been amazing! Find out more at www.sheshreds.co and join us for ladies nights at Flowrider, UT Summer 2017 along with events throughout the World we support in Wake, Skate, Snow, MTB and beyond year round – Shred ON!

An Agency Friendly, Full Service Experiential Marketing Company

For three decades, LMP has been involving and immersing brands, organizations and idea makers with their audience through experiences. We pride ourselves on being strong marketers first and foremost. We take the time to understand your unique objectives, strategies and audience. This informed focus, applied to the real and virtual environments and experiences we create, enables us to achieve a fully leveraged interaction with your audience. We use tried and emerging technology, conventional production techniques, lifestyle/ media interest content and of course – people.

We create branded experiences and influence behavior through the human senses, (sight, sound, touch, taste and smell) and elicit a physical, emotional and memorable response.
We turn brands into memorable experiences.

Consumer Lifestyle + LMP Services = Client Business Needs and Objectives

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